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A new state of Being

Are you experiencing a new sense of yourself? A being who is less able to function from your rational left brain? Do you find yourself less able to think sharply and work from an intellect that was previously so important to you? If you answer yes, then I have some wisdom to share with you...


Creating a clearer self

Becoming a 5th Dimensional Human During this time of major evolutionary alignment, we are looking for ways in which to become "light" to become enlightened. The many shifts and upgrades from the new planetary openings that have been upon us recently are forcing us to take responsibility for...


Evolving into Light

First Published in White Light Magazine Dec 2007 Imagine you are your Soul looking along a time line where there are points upon that line, which show the many times you have chosen to move into a life existence, either in the 3rd dimension as a human, or on...