Dancing the Cosmic Light

How to connect to the stars and earth, through a moving meditation of sacred geometry within the diamond light of the Template of ONENESS.

What is the Cosmic Dance?

It is a series of slow movements created within meditation, similar to Qi gong. This dance is based upon the Template of Oneness, the Diamond of the Dove and is a dance of peace. It is dancing Diamond Consciousness for the sacred geometry of a diamond is the geometry of light itself.

A strong central pillar of light is built and connected to earth and the cosmos. This pillar sits within a Diamond of Light, the greater diamond which includes the earth star chakra below the feet to the galactic gateway above the head. See image below.

The Cosmic Dance of Peace prepares the body by filling the heart and raising the vibrational field of the human's body to a point of readiness to open the stellar doorway and connect to a portal of light that enables us to receive a stellar shower of love and peace.

Standing then as conductors between earth and sky the shower of love and peace is brought down to our beloved Earth and sent deep into the heart center of earth and Gaia's divine core. Spreading a resonance of love and peace across the globe.

Through this process of learning you will engage your heart center and bring an awareness to your HeartFlames. You will also learn how to build and strengthen your HeartFlames through our connection to the Cosmic Fire, the HeartFire of the Divine source of all things.

Creating ONENESS within your field between your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

It will open you up to your own doorway to greater dimensional universes, the doorway to the union of sacred relationship with yourself, your sacred feminine and sacred masculine. This new level of frequency brought in from those assisting us across the Star nations will ease the birthing pains of our beloved earth as we assist her into the fifth dimension.

The Cosmic Dance of Peace is here to support energetically birthing the New Earth and to personally strengthen your connection to the Star Matrix and the Crystal Matrix within the Earth.

I invite you to come and be of service to our beloved earth and enjoy the experience of union within your being and delight in the magic of the frequencies of the new millennium..

Once you have learnt this work, it is a wonderful create it in ceremony to dance the Cosmic dance under the light of the full moon or new moon.


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Your Instructor

Amaliah Grace
Amaliah Grace

Amaliah Grace, is a channel for Soul with Sounds & Songs which heal and create change. She speaks in Light Language, the language of the Soul. Healing distortions with her sounds.

She sings and sounds ancient healing songs first seeded on the planet by the Star Beings to ignite our remembering. These songs speak to the heart and soul of "home" creating a deep knowing of one's star origins.

They have the ability when you listen to these songs and sound streams to take you into profound states for healing, change and transformation.

Amaliah was trained by Spirit through guidance and personal experiences over the past twenty years and has created a body of work that's main thrust is to clear the pathway to the Soul of debris creating distortions or disharmony.

Her sounds and songs are an expression of the Divine Feminine, the mothering principal through a Goddess vibration from the Star System Sirius.

The courses found here are developed, channeled and created in assistance with Thoth, the Great white Brotherhood and Sisterhood and many high vibrational beings from the Stars.

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