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Soul Line Clearing Course

How to clear Karmic & Genetic patterns to free yourself to wholeness.

Feel like you have been clearing your shit forever and feel overwhelmed when patterns are still with you?

Have you healed multiple past lives or parallel realities and yet still the same theme continues to confront you?

Would you like to know how to work with your SOUL to create solutions? And to clear those

When I created this course I was tired of healing my previous lifetimes slowly revisiting them painfully one-by-one. This situation continued to bug me.

I was over this old way of doing things it was time to fast track. So I asked my Spirit guides,

Wonderfully, they answered me and ideas dropped in to develop this course. Six months later the Soul Line Clearing process was birthed.

All that I share with you here, I have experienced and together we designed a potent process clearing with

Through this process, I lovingly sing ancient healing songs in the Language of Light, the Language of the soul, streaming in harmonic vibrations from the higher realms. These vibrations clear the ancient memories from your soul memory and the physical body that have kept you contained and restricted.

Several clearings later, I then found my CORE BELIEF. It was scary and the fear was so great I didn't think I could clear it. That's when a unique meditation was channeled through me to move the fear so I could then proceed to the clearing. Then the two support tools were birthed.

What is a Soul Line?

It is a symbolic line that runs through and is connected to the journey of your individual soul’s incarnations.

The Soul has gathered debris from many lifetimes or parallel realities of traumatic experiences leaving behind splintered parts of ourselves. Along that line and after a clearing, those splintered aspects return to you, creating wholeness.

is a profound, experiential, five part process which clears beliefs and ancient Karmic and Genetic Patterns from their point of origin - with the love and the gift of grace from The Cosmic Mother.

I teach you to find and change your lingering fears or feelings and define the specific core patterns that consistently trigger you.

You also learn:-

    • To recognize karmic patterns and limiting beliefs.
    • To define the fears that block and sabotage you.
    • Acknowledge all feelings and love them.
    • Clear core beliefs and the deeper pain body.
    • Create a clear sense of guidance with spirit guides and your higher self.
    • Honor your child self through multiple lifetimes.
    • Learn to love yourself to receive love.

When we work from Soul we have the ability to clear all memories of other lifetimes that relate to a specific pattern. e.g.Guilt, shame & blame or Dominance and Control, or

During the process you are guided to unhook the pattern from the point of origin, dissolving it from your past lives/parallel realities and current lifetime. You also cleanse emotions, memories and themes relating to the pattern to be cleared. The karmic residue is dissolved from within your etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies bringing forward new possibilities into the future.


After completing several clearings you will feel clearer and more whole. Connected to your Soul's purpose and ready to move forward with a clearer ability to know your new direction.

With consistent use of this transformation tool, you life will be changed forever, walking a new pathway of possibility and self love.

“I first visited Amaliah for healing when I was under considerable emotional stress, and it was important at the time to get as close to immediate results as possible. After two days learning the Soul Line Clearing process I experienced immediate results, and was very impressed with several aspects of our time together.

Firstly, the course is easy to learn and easy to incorporate into daily life. Secondly, the resources provided are of a very high quality and can be used effectively any time they are needed after the course.

Finally the month long post course mentoring gave me an opportunity to refine the process and to use what I’d learned in an empowering way well into the future.

As a practicing Regression therapist with over ten years experience with similar processes I was very impressed with what I learned, positively affected (and intrigued!) by the use of sound and light languages, which is something I hadn’t come across before, and very pleased with the results, which are ongoing.

I would highly recommend Amaliah’s Soul Line Clearing course to anyone seeking a method to effectively ‘self heal’ emotional distress and persistent karmic patterns that have been obstructing a happy life.”

Tony – Sunshine Coast of Australia

I have worked with Amaliah on a number of occasions completing several of her courses including Soul Line Clearing Course and receiving a Soul Signature.

Amaliah's work has been of great assistance to me in helping me understand more of my destiny and purpose, uncovering my gifts and talents and giving me the inner strength to move forward and manifest my dreams and ideas. She embodies the love of the divine feminine and when working with her I have felt completely embraced and nurtured by this energy and recognize it within myself.

I have found that working with Amaliah has created the greatest shifts in me and in the most gentle way. Her level of integrity and her dedication to working with the sacred feminine have blessed me to open my heart, trust and believe in myself, honor the sacred feminine within me and to remember the divinity in all.

Seonaid - Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Your Instructor

Amaliah Grace
Amaliah Grace

Amaliah Grace, is a channel for Soul with Sounds & Songs which heal and create change. She speaks in Light Language, the language of the Soul. Healing distortions with her sounds.

She sings and sounds ancient healing songs first seeded on the planet by the Star Beings to ignite our remembering. These songs speak to the heart and soul of "home" creating a deep knowing of one's star origins.

They have the ability when you listen to these songs and sound streams to take you into profound states for healing, change and transformation.

Amaliah was trained by Spirit through guidance and personal experiences over the past twenty years and has created a body of work that's main thrust is to clear the pathway to the Soul of debris creating distortions or disharmony.

Her sounds and songs are an expression of the Divine Feminine, the mothering principal through a Goddess vibration from the Star System Sirius.

The courses found here are developed, channeled and created in assistance with Thoth, the Great white Brotherhood and Sisterhood and many high vibrational beings from the Stars.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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